What are Online Sales Funnels and Why are they Important?

When someone is surfing the internet, they’re often doing so to communicate with friends and family members, not to look for something in particular. Yet, when they are on social media websites, they are typically inundated with advertisements that might appeal to them. These advertisements are typically based on what they’ve searched for recently to help them find items that might be relevant for their needs at the moment. These ads are incredibly important for drawing potential customers to a website, but this is just the first part of the process.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Imagine a funnel, with the larger opening on top. Different types of advertising sit on top, feeding the funnel and as a person goes further by clicking on the website, opting to get more information, and finally by purchasing a product, they move further down the sales funnel and become a customer of the business. This is the main goal, but the reason the sales funnel is a funnel shape is because the number of people who originally click on an ad is much more than those who become customers.

How Can a Sales Funnel Help?

For many business owners, picturing sales funnels and imagining what it will take to get a person to continue moving down toward being a customer is going to help them learn where they need to focus to increase their sales. If people are clicking on their advertisements and then moving away from their site, they may want to consider making their website more attractive and helping their products stand out faster. This means working on the landing page of the website to ensure it’s not too overwhelming, yet offers all the information a customer will need to decide they want to learn more.

Tips for Creating a Sales Funnel

When a person wants to improve the amount of customers they have, they can look at each part of the sales funnel and determine if they have everything they need. Below is some information about each of the three basic steps to help a person get started.

  • Generate Leads – The first step is to use online marketing to generate effective leads. These are the people who will click on the advertisement to learn more about the product being offered. The person will want to ensure they have an engaging advertisement that will focus on exactly what their potential customer is looking for.
  • Convert to Prospects – A prospect is someone who is interested in learning more about the products offered on a website. They may sign up for a newsletter through the website or email the company to ask further questions. Not all leads will become prospects, but a website owner will want to convert as many as possible.
  • Create Sales – The last step is to turn prospects into customers. Once the website has their attention, it’s up to the business owner to complete the sale and have them purchase something from the website. This can be done in a variety of ways and the business owner may want to take this further by attempting to create repeat customers from one-time customers.

By taking the time to learn about what a sales funnel is and how it can be applied to your business, you can get the results you’re looking for from your marketing and advertisements. Take the time to thoroughly inspect your business website and your advertisements to see how they can be improved and how you can create a sales funnel that’s going to give you much better results.

And remember, you are just one good funnel from freedom.

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