An Extra $5,000 For The Shorter Internet Marketer

Great news if you are a male internet marketer working on his own schedule rather than in an office: you might be $5,000 better off each year!

A recent report from the UK states that the average annual salary gap between a man who is 5ft 6in tall versus his 6ft counterpart is £3,000, or about $5,000.

That just shows how the whole office politics / appearance / clique scene is costing the non-conformist or the outsider dearly.

But by eschewing the office scene for your own online business you can get away from all that.

Online no one can hear you scream, or see how short you are.

So if you are 5ft 5in or 6in tall then you can still be a giant online. No one can see how big you are behind that monitor or even on a YouTube video (unless you stand beside some big dude of course).

If you have started your way online – well done and keep going.

If you are starting afresh, then make sure you listen to the best and most relevant teaching and training.

Either way you will find all the best info on the freedom lifestyle, for both the more compact and the larger internet marketer, over at



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