Learn the Secrets of Publishing Online

 Today, thousands of authors and bloggers are learning just how easy it is to do their own publishing online. Thanks to the power of the digital age, sharing fiction, non-fiction, articles, blogs and more with the general populace is easier than it’s ever been before.

Whether you want to publish for the Kindle e-reader or to create other for-sale (or free) eBooks and blogs to publish on a host of online platforms, such as Lulu.com (or through small or large e-book publishers), there are a host of exciting options…and learning the ropes isn’t really very hard to do.

Amazon Digital Text Platform – Amazon is a huge international company with a very good reputation, and publishing online with this company is incredibly simple. This online retailer is the owner of rights to the Kindle e-reader, and they offer their clients access to hundreds of thousands of e-books about every topic under the sun.

Once you’ve created a Word version of your e-book, blog, or anything else that you wish to sell at the Kindle Store (have it professionally edited for best results), you’re ready to self-publish. All that you need is a stock image (with the title of the book and your author name added via Photoshop) that you may use as your cover.

By signing up for an account at the Amazon Digital Text Platform website, you’ll access tools that allow you to sell your e-book online at absolutely no cost to you. Amazon will keep a share of your profits, and they will pay you by cheque or direct deposit on a monthly basis, as long as you sell a certain amount of copies.

Be sure to follow Amazon’s formatting rules very carefully to make certain that your book will be readable on other people’s Kindle devices. If you don’t understand formatting, outsource the task. There are plenty of small companies that offer wonderful formatting services that aren’t very expensive.

Lulu.com also offers the same types of services, although you may not sell as many books with Lulu. Authors report mixed results hawking their e-book wares through the website. However, Lulu does offer editing and formatting services which Amazon does not currently have in place.

Small and Large E-book Publishers – The old fashioned methods of querying publishers to get a book contract still apply today, so don’t be afraid to send your latest opus to an online e-book publisher. These days, everyone from Harlequin to medical book publishers offer e-books to their clientele.

Before you send a query, check an online publishing company out very carefully; always make certain that they’re on the level. Bear in mind that there are plenty of bad apples out there. It may take time to hear back about your e-book, so be patient and then hope for the best.

Now that you know some great techniques for publishing your e-book or blog online, you’ll be ready to make an impact as a writer and make a little money from your work as well. Potential is unlimited in this arena, so get out there and publish online today.


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