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Let's take a look at the system and tools that could help make you a content machine without spending hours at your desk 

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There's an old saying "success loves speed" that is one of life's eternal truths.

There are way too many good ideas and theories and stories and concepts that just never get out into the world.
As Wayne Gretzky says "You miss 100% of the shots you never take" - and it applies to blogging and personal or business content writing just as much as sport. 
If you are not publishing or 'shipping' regularly, you are missing your chance to score that home run that could change everything for you.
But the good news is that it has never been easier to get your stuff out there with the tools and systems that are available nowadays. 
Here's how to do it fast yet good, and give yourself the best chance of living life on YOUR terms with a strategic content system.
1.  Use Licensed Material as a Base 

Licensing is definitely one of the biggest parts of my business.

It is the best and quickest way to get started not just in information publishing but for writing anything, as it can have so many uses in all kinds of businesses.

Licensing can be used for lead magnets or it can also be used as main information products themselves if it is of sufficient quality. 

It can also be used to help sell physical products - perhaps to give away as bonuses - and also to sell software, again when used as lead magnets or bonuses.

Licensing covers many areas and you can also find it sometimes known as PLR, or private label rights, or else Rebrandable Content - and sometimes just Brandable Content.

The quickest and best starting point for anyone needing to produce written content is with a PLR article or report as this beats the "staring at an empty page" feeling that is the curse of writers worldwide.

The key is to use it to start and then build on it and improve it while adding your own message.

But licensing also covers many other media and content formats such as software and graphics and templates for a variety of tasks.

One of my businesses is built on software that I have purchased licenses to, and I sell the collected output as valuable reports to my clients. 

Another of my products is composed of high quality expert author training videos that I have rights to sell.

But quality is key.

Without quality you have nothing worth selling.

I spent a lot of time working out the best sources for my PLR and licensed Content, and kissed a few froggy vendors along the way! I’m sure I can help you avoid this kind of situation with what I know now.

The other important point about PLR is that the “voice” of the content and the opinion should be one that you agree and resonate with. 

Too many times I have seen content that is at odds with a business’ message or ethos.

Often this is because the content they have licensed has not been checked or read through completely, and the result is confusion for the readers and crucially customers. 

Start with licensed content - then expand on it, make it better, and soon it will be totally unique to you.

2.  Get It Out Faster with Bullet Points, Mindmaps and Dictation Apps 

Use bullet points and dictation apps to produce content quickly.

I have found that taking notes as Bullet points, often also as mind maps, and then dictated via Apple Notes or Google Assistant and Docs, to be the quickest way to get content out of my head and into a document.

This is a simple tip but a really crucial one as it can make things so much quicker - especially if you are not a good typist (and I am definitely not a good typist!).
My preference is to write things down in Mindmap format, as it helps structure my thoughts, and then speak it into my phone. Just like a dictation. 
I do all this on my phone and my favourite apps are MindMeister for the maps and Apple Notes for the dictation. 
Now the quality of Audio recognition has improved massively in the last couple of years so it is not difficult to get a very high quality transcript very quickly, even with my non-standard Scottish accent!
3. Stop Guessing or Pondering - Use Content Intelligence Tools

Use Content research tools for maximum results in minimum time. 

Don’t guess what people want or like in a market - use content performance tools like Buzz Sumo to get reports generated on your market.
Don't start by staring at that blank screen again for hours deciding what to write. Get some stimulus on your subject or market. 
Even better - get some stimulus from material that is proven to work, and that you know people are already liking and sharing.
So use tools like Buzz Sumo (and Epic Beat is another) to look at what are the most popular and shared articles split by Social Media channel. 
As well as telling you overall performance in virality and share-ability terms, the split by channel in terms of where a piece of content is most popular can tell you if you should be aiming to get your content primarily on Pinterest or Facebook, for example. 
4.  Be Happy to 'Pay to Play' 

Pay to get eyeballs quickly on your content by advertising.

It’s time to understand that social media has changed and organic reach in all platforms is practically zero. 
To get significant numbers of people seeing your content nowadays in a short space of time is to pay for people to see that content by buying Ads.
I know it sucks and that it’s unfair and so on but, before you start gasping for breath and telling me you don’t have an ad budget, I’m only taking about a couple of dollars a day for a few days. 
We’re definitely not talking about an ad budget like Apple or Coca Cola!
We are now in the days of micro targeted self service advertising networks such as Facebook where you can spend as little or as much as you like with almost instant start / stop capabilities.
The other important concept at play here is speed. 
I’ve heard a lot of people say they’ve built an email list for free and it’s “only” taken them 10 years to get 2,000 subscribers. 
Well that’s great but it’s also lost opportunity - and lost knowledge. It takes so long to find out if something is working it is difficult to capitalise on it.
Whereas if I put out 5 posts with a $5 ad budget and I find out one that is proving very popular and viral, then I can put more budget behind it if I want to, and capitalise on its success.
Or make more posts in a similar style. 
But it’s a bit like split testing - you need some volume of eyeballs and actions to see reliable results. So if your post only reaches 10 People you’ll never know it’s true power when unleashed to the masses.
The other point to make on the subject of Advertising is to use your content as the first stage in the list building process.
Facebook and Instagram do not want you sending them to your old school opt-in Page. They want to maximise their users’ experience and for you to give them good content that will keep those users coming back.
But this is no problem for the modern digital marketer who produces good content. (Hey dear reader - that’s you I’m talking to!)
What happens now is that, with the availability of retargeting, we can set things up so that we only show the optin Page to people who have already shown interest in our market - by reading our content. 
This gives us a warmer audience and higher click through rates and often cheaper CPAs compared to going straight for the optin.

And it also gives us an much bigger pool of people to retarget, as many viewers will not visit an opt-in page but will happily read an interesting article.
5. Maximise Your 'Share Reach' - Just Be Interesting 

Make Your content shareable by being interesting and engaging.

And have an opinion.

It’s not a new concept :-) but make sure your stuff is not just good, but interesting.
If it’s good it will speed up your success and get your message out to more people more quickly, simply because people will WANT to share it.
Don’t forget to make your writing fun - “infotainment” is a great writing model these days and you can do well from it in almost any market. 
In fact I’m such a big fan of this that I’ve published a whole course on it in my Email Prestige product.
Related to this is “write with passion”. 
People can tell from the way you write if you really mean it. 
Sentiment really can come off a page or screen to the reader.
I know I might sound like an old hippy here but it’s true and if you delve into the world of quantum physics and find out that the whole world is composed of energy, then it starts to make sense! 
What you’re doing when you write with fun and passion is that you engage people emotionally. You push their emotional hot buttons and engage and arouse them emotionally. 
And that’s when you can influence behaviour; and make a difference to your readers' or viewers' lives.
And for goodness sake write for humans and not search engines. That’s so 2005, and concepts like 'keyword density' are old hat, so don’t be scared to show human qualities in your writing 
6. Use This Multi Format System to Multiply Your Reach

Multi format production is one of my secrets to covering as many bases as possible with one base piece of content. 

This maximises my audience reach as quickly as possible.
As I said earlier, my preference is to start with a mindmap as it helps organise my thoughts.
And my thoughts really do need organising as many of my articles and videos take shape in a ‘secret pre-stage’ when they are scrawled randomly over the back of about half a dozen envelopes! :-) 
The next part is critical.
Make a video as soon as possible as this gives you an easy route to many formats. 
One of the simplest, yet best, is to make a video simply by talking over the mindmap. 
This can be done by placing either one master view of the Mindmap, and talk though it as a static slide, or else put each section or node on it’s own slide and talk through each one individually.
But the key here is what you can do  once you have the video, as you can extract the audio (immediately giving you an audio file for a podcast) but then you take the audio file and send it to a transcription service and you then get sent back a word document. 
This acts as an article and also gives multiple forms of written and visual content. 
For example at its most basic level you put it on your blog but also put it on social media and sites such as Medium.
Then think about using as Facebook posts, link to the article on Twitter, use as a LinkedIn post or two and also potentially use as answers to questions on Quora.
And of course you can also add a bit of a topical twist or focus and turn it  into a Press Release, and submit it to press release directories and other sites such as PRweb.
Finally you can also take the mind map or article and turn that into an infographic, which is a truly popular and effective form of graphic-based communication, and again there are directory sites and blog sites that are happy to host and distribute your work.

And there are many others that I have not even discussed yet such as adding your slides of the Mindmap (or make some additional slides from your text output) and upoading to sites like Slideshare. 
The possibilities are almost endless and the benefits are huge.
So these are some core elements of my system for speed blogging and getting the most out of your content production in 2018. 
I have calculated that the cumulative effect of applying these methods and tools is that I can now produce content 47% quicker than before. That's 10 hours work in just over 5.5 hours.
Now there are some extra tips available that I have not included here that are a bit more controversial; a bit ‘black hat’ if you like, and I’m not sure I want revealed to everyone. 
So basically you need to take an extra step to get access, to go deeper with me into the 'Content Underground' :-). 


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