This “Two Hours A Week Test" Could Really Change Your Working Life

This “Two Hours A Week Test” Could Really Change Your Working Life

We’ve all seen stories about shorter working hours and a number of companies worldwide have been making the news by adopting a 4 day week on the same salary and conditions.

I was recently asked a very interesting question, as per the scenario below:

“If I was bed-bound in hospital, could only think and speak, and I was only able to communicate for 2 hours a week, how would I maintain and grow my business, or continue in my current role?”

So what would you do if you could only work 2 hours a week?

I’m sure the initial reaction is that its impossible, but it actually makes you think about where you REALLY ADD VALUE.

What can ONLY you do?

What could you delegate? What standard operating procedures do you need to add to add to your business? What software could you buy to automate things better? Where could you add an additional employee?

The interesting things is that the question becomes what SHOULD only you do?

So ask yourself the question. Spend a few minutes on the answer.

Your brain will start working and I think you will be surprised immediately how you think of things that you could and should stop doing.

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